Yoga for Beginners on Gili Trawangan

Sunset Yoga on Gili Trawangan | The Yoga Place Gili Islands

Are you new to yoga? Don't worry, beginners are always welcome at
The Yoga Place Gili Islands.

Forget what you might think of yoga: just give it one try and you will experience for yourself what the
fuss is all about. 

Yoga can be practiced by all ages
and all fitness levels. And no, it really does not matter if you can’t put a leg behind your neck or even touch your toes; the reward is the same: a healthy body and happy mind.

When practiced in a proper way, yoga is one of the safest ways to exercise your body. In all our classes we are very conscious of the safety of our students. Our teachers will encourage you to practice consciously and to lose your ego and respect the limitations of your body today. 

Join one of our daily group classes or our 2-Day course Yoga Basics, starting every Monday in our yoga center on Gili Trawangan Island. If you are unsure about joining a group class, a private yoga class is always a good start to yoga for beginners.

Remember to always tell your teacher about any injuries or other things that might come up during the class.

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