Free Yoga Gili Trawangan Locals

The Yoga Place gives back to the community of the island by offering free yoga classes to Indonesian locals of Gili Trawangan. Yoga means Union, with all and everybody. The Yoga Place wants to make this accessible to the people of Gili Trawangan. Visitors to the island can help by joining our mediation sessions on the beautiful Gili Trawangan hill. Meditation makes us more aware of the ways we are connected to everything and everyone. Our meditations are free; any donations made are only used to support activities in the Gili Trawangan primary school. 

Meditation at The Yoga Place Gili Islands

Meditation at The Yoga Place Gili Islands Indonesia

Meditation is a practice that trains our consciousness. It is the ultimate way to fully experience and appreciate life as it is. Meditation makes our minds more open, clear, focused, calm, realistic, compassionate and understanding. 

2-Day intro to meditation
At The Yoga Place Gili Islands we offer 2-Day introduction courses to meditation. In two hours you’ll get a taste of what it means to meditate. In small groups we will explain some basic meditation techniques, try them out, and talk about our experiences.


Hilltop Meditation
You can also join us for our Sunrise meditation on the Gili Trawangan Hill. Overlooking
the Gili Islands and Lombok
we can start our day with a
clear mind. Before we start
this free sitting meditation, we take an easy meditative
walk together from The Yoga Place up the hill. 

Check our schedule for
prices & meditation times

Sunrise Medition on Gili Trawangan Hill overlooking Gili Meno, Gili Air and Lombok | Yoga Place Gili Islands