Free Yoga Gili Trawangan Locals

The Yoga Place gives back to the community of the island by offering free yoga classes to Indonesian locals of Gili Trawangan. Yoga means Union, with all and everybody. The Yoga Place wants to make this accessible to the people of Gili Trawangan. Visitors to the island can help by joining our mediation sessions on the beautiful Gili Trawangan hill. Meditation makes us more aware of the ways we are connected to everything and everyone. Our meditations are free; any donations made are only used to support activities in the Gili Trawangan primary school. 

Classes and Styles of Yoga

Yoga on Gili Trawangan beach

The Yoga Place Gili Islands offers a wide variety of yoga classes and courses, as well as meditation and massage workshops. 

Everybody is welcome. Whether you want to relax, sweat or just get to know your body and mind better, at The Yoga Place we have something for everyone.

Just show up for our daily yoga drop in classes every morning, afternoon or evening in our Gili Trawangan Yoga Center and on Gili Trawangan sunset beach. Also try our 2-day meditation workshop or start with our Yoga Basics class. Contact us for private yoga, a professional massage or stand up paddle yoga. 

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Yoga Styles at The Yoga Place Gili Trawangan

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Gili Trawangan

 - Ashtanga / Vinyasa Yoga: dynamic powerful meditative yoga 

- Vinyasa flow Yoga: playful dynamic medium intensity yoga

- Hatha Yoga: gentle and calm all round

Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Place 

Yin Yoga / Restorative Yoga: super gentle and relaxing

- Sunset Beach Yoga: mellow yoga on
our beautiful beach location.

- Free yoga locals: free yoga class for Indonesians from Gili Trawangan.

More Yoga

- Private Yoga class: 90-minute one on
one yoga; completely designed for your needs (on appointment)

- Yoga Basics: great introduction to yoga for beginners or come to deepen your practice. Get into the fundamentals of yoga poses and body mind awareness. Three times a week.

Gili Islands Yoga Holiday in Paradise

- Gili Islands Yoga Holiday / Retreat:
the Gili Islands are great for Yoga. In these small islands, traffic free and coral ringed, life is intimate and close to nature. The Yoga Place can help you organize your personal
Yoga Holiday or Retreat.


- Hilltop Sunrise Pranayama: start your
day with a clear mind with these breathing exercises and guided meditation on Gili Trawangan Hill.

- 2-Day Introduction to Meditation Workshop: discover the may benefits and most important techniques of meditation in this workshop of two times one hour. After these days you'll be able to meditate for your self. Read more about meditations here

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